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Skincare routine... Gisteren kwam een nieuwe vlog van een go
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Skincare routine... Gisteren kwam een nieuwe vlog van een goede schoonheidsspecialiste online, ze is een reeks gestart over educatie. Ze heeft hierin een stappenplan aangegeven voor huidverzorgingsroutine, aangezien dit voor veel mensen vaak nog best moeilijk is deel ik haar stappen hierbij: Dry Skin: 1. Cleanse- Creamy hydrating cleanser in AM & if not prone to breakouts a cleansing oil in PM (Main ingredients: Glycerin, Hyaluronic acid, Jojoba oil, Argan, Grapeseed) 2. Exfoliate- Gel exfoliant to use 1-2x a week (Main ingredients: Lactic or glycolic acid) 3. Essence in PM {preps the skin to effectively absorb subsequent products} 4. Serum in the AM and an Oil in the PM {Main ingredients: Neem, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin c, Seabuckthorn oil} 5. Moisturizer- Heavier hydrating moisturizer can be used AM & PM or just PM depending on dryness level (Main ingredients: Shea butter, Ceramides, HA, Sunflower seed) 6. Eye cream at night 7. SPF Daily Oily Skin: 1. Cleanse- Gel-based cleanser AM & PM {Main ingredients: BHA's, Salicylic acid, Tea tree oil, or Kaolin Clay} 2. Exfoliate: Physical or Chemical exfoliant 1-2x per week {Main ingredients: AHA & BHA solutions or gentle Microderm polishes} 3. Toner: PM (Main ingredients: Salicylic acid {if acne prone} 4. Mask- 1-2x a week {optional} (Main ingredients: Bentonite clay {- highly suggested} Algae, Irish Moss) 5. Moisturizer- Light gel or water-based moisturizer to balance the skin (Main ingredients: Probiotics, HA, Vitamin B6 & C, Allantoin) 6. Eye cream at night 7. SPF Daily Combination Skin: 1. Cleanse- Creamy cleanser in the AM & Gel/exfoliating cleanser in PM {Main ingredients: HA, Ceramides, Vitamin C, Vitamin E} 2. Exfoliant- 1-2x a week. Gel or physical exfoliant {Polish suggested} Main ingredients: AHA & BHA (glycolic, lactic, or if prone to breakouts try salicylic) 3. Serum- Gel-based {Main ingredients: Ferulic acid, HA, peptides} 4. Moisturizer - lightweight (Main ingredients: Shea butter, Peptides, Niacinamide, Vitamin E, Capric triglyceride) 5. Eye cream at night 6. SPF Daily Sensitive Skin: Micellar waters are gentle for removing makeup 1. Cleanse- Creamy soothing cleanser in PM {Main ingredients- Aloe, Green tea, soy, marshmallow extract} 2. Toner/mist- Use as needed {Main ingredients- no alcohol, Rose water, cucumber water} PS. Exfoliation- Lactic is the most gentle chemical exfoliant & can be used on sensitive skin 3. Serum or Cream - depending on dryness AM & PM {Main ingredients- Mandelic acid, Green tea, Aloe, HA, chamomile} 4. Soothing Mask- 1x a week {Main ingredients- Squalane, Oat, Jojoba, Calendula} 5. Eye cream at night 6. SPF Daily Normal Skin: The rarest type but it still needs to be maintained with nourishing skincare! 1. Cleanse- Gel cleanser in AM & creamy cleanser in the PM 2. Exfoliate- 1-2x time per week {AHA's or BHA's} 3. Serum- AM & PM {Vitamin C {night}, Antioxidants, Peptides, Stem cells} 4. Moisturizer- AM & PM {depending on dryness} 5.. Retinol {25+} 6.. Toner - PM when needed 7. Eye cream at night 8. SPF Daily Meer zien? JadeyWadey 180